Ski Cross World Championships - Silver!!!

18 April 2017 - posted by Jamie Prebble

Thats a wrap for another season. I am hugely proud to have pulled out my best result to date with a silver medal at the World Championships Freestyle Ski 2017! Jamie has been an Ambassador on Team Formthotics and is born and raise in New Zealand. He skis with Formthotics in his ski boots and considers this one of his secret weapons in racing.

World Championships, Sierra Nevada, Spain - Jamie Prebble places Silver in Ski Cross! Photo credit: FIS Freesyle/ Gepa

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Put Your Best Foot Forward without Heel Pain

05 April 2017 - posted by Raewyn Phipps

The foot is a very complex structure which is exposed to significant forces during day to day activities. Foot pain is a common problem and when present is known to adversely affect every day activities.  Whether caused by a specific incident or developed over time left untreated, foot pain can really slow you down.

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Olympic Cycling athlete finds the right orthotic

23 March 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

Hayden Roulston, 2-time Olympian from New Zealand and a Professional Cyclist and Coach has found strong benefits from Formthotics in his cycling shoes. He mentions he like Formthotics foot orthotics because they are heat mouldable and can be adjusted easily. These orthotics have helped Hayden to be comfortable with that contact point that is always in the pedal. "Your feet are critical in cycling and you want to keep your feet healthy and without troubles."

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Adam Hall at Para Alpine Skiing World Championships 2017

20 March 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

New Zealand grown paralympic alpine ski racer and Team Formthotics superstar, Adam Hall, recently claimed huge success at the Para Alpine Skiing World Championships in Travisio, Italy, adding a bronze in slalom to his medal tally – and we couldn't be prouder!

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Are foot orthotics a good option for basketball shoes?

15 March 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

The footwork in basketball makes a tremendous difference in your performance with directional changes, running, jumping and constant movement. The investment in shoes alone is huge, but what about improving the performance of that basketball shoe with foot orthotics?  Ricky Hickman, a point guard for Armani Jeans Milano Olympic Team in Italian basketball recently was fitted with Formthotics by our Italian friends, Manualmente - Formazione in Movimento

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Should I wear Formthotics in my Ice Hockey Skates?

02 March 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ
Saffron  Allen,  who won a bronze medal as part of the Great Britain women's ice hockey team that took part at the 2016 International Ice Hockey Federation women's world championship in Slovenia  – was recently fitted with Formthotics at our booth at the Therapy Expo in Birmingham, UK. 
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Triathlete Mike Phillips comes in 2nd at his first ironman race

23 February 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ
Mike Phillips, New Zealand triathlete and a member of team Formthotics, took part in his first ironman distance race in Challenge Wanaka (New Zealand) last weekend (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42km run). He did amazing, coming in at 2nd place! Below he shares a snapshot of the day. 
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Great Tips to Consider when Entering a Triathlon

15 February 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ
  Mike Phillips  is a well-established New Zealand triathlete and proudly part of Team Formthotics .   We were fortunate to nab some insight into how a triathlete is created  and   maintained – with Mike reminding us that anyone can give the energising and rewarding sport a go. 
Mike participated in just about every sport in high school but was keen to focus on a single one. However, it was too difficult choosing just one and instead he opted for triathlon – happily combining 3 sports! He competed in swimming a lot when he was younger and did cycling in high school, but was a late starter to running. So when personally considering if training and competing in triathlons could be for you, find out these great tips to giving it a go from Mike. 
  1.) Could a professional help guide you?
If you are just getting into triathlon it is a good idea to get a proper bike fit and have your swim/run technique observed. It is very beneficial to adjust technique early. A lot of athletes jump straight in and train very hard but build bad habits, or have an incorrect fit. This can result in many weeks on the sideline injured.
My podiatrist recommended and fitted my FormthoticsI have naturally very poor knee alignment. I was put in the plastic moulded orthotics but found I had a lot of injuries, and they were too stiff to allow the foot muscles too work. Formthotics were the perfect solution and I have been using them for the last 10 years. I received great advice too, such as running on soft surfaces and varying terrain to help strengthen the stabilising muscles – combining this with the support of Formthotics, my knee/foot alignment issues have disappeared.
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The New 3D Additions Range - the perfect fit with Formthotics

09 February 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

We are delighted to announce that our much anticipated Formthotics 3D Additions are now available, ready to dispatch throughout the world. These new, specially designed additions fit snugly and easily underneath Formthotics, saving the practitioner time, money and, potentially, a lot of dusty mess! They will be able to provide immediate relief to the patient, with a product that looks tidy and professional and has a perfect fit with Formthotics.

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Jamie Prebble Ski Cross Results - Going Big!

03 February 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ
Formthotics is thrilled to have Jamie Prebble as our Ambassador in Ski Cross representing the New Zealand Ski Team. Jamie has worn Formthotics in his ski boots finding they are a true help with the perfect positioning of his feet inside his boots when racing in the intense way this sport requires. The increased responsiveness and feedback along with the comfort Formthotics Snow and Ice provide are all major power to his ski racing. Jamie has had some success with great results in several World Cups in December 2016 and January 2017 along with a big win at the Europe Cup Ski Cross Race this January 2017. 
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