Ashleigh Steiner

Ashleigh is passionate about all facets of podiatric care and providing comprehensive treatment for patients from all walks of life. Ashleigh specialises in podiatric biomechanics and function, and has a particularly keen affinity for sports medicine and rehabilitation within the Podiatry profession. She holds a particular interest in gait analysis, biopostural and functional assessment, treatment and ultimately, prevention. Having been a competitive artistic gymnast for many years, Ashleigh has a real passion and understanding of biomechanics, and how the body's biomechanical structure can have a significant impact on our overall function and wellbeing. Ashleigh predominantly works out of our gait diagnostics clinic utilising our baropodometry gait analysis technology, assessing biopostural alignment, biomechanical function, and functional stability. She enjoys a collaborative approach working in partnership with her patients; whether elite athletes, weekend warriors, children, or elderly, as well as collaborating with fellow medical professionals, to enable patients to become pain free, effectively and efficiently. Ashleigh talks about the gymnast and podiatrist as a team here.
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The Gymnast and Podiatrist – An unbeatable team

19 November 2016 - posted by Ashleigh Steiner

Competitive artistic gymnastics is one of the few sports that demonstrates both elegance, and tremendous power and strength. If you are crazy enough to be involved in such an extreme sport, you will know how much hard work, commitment, blood, sweat and tears is involved in order to become a superhuman (aka gymnast).

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