Dr. Andrew Murray

My background is as a Sports and Exercise Medicine doctor, GP and runner, whilst I have written a couple books, enjoy a load of speaking engagements and do a little journalism. As a runner, I have completed challenges including a 4,300 km run from far north Scotland to the Sahara desert, 7 ultra-marathons on the 7 different continents in under a week, and with Donnie Campbell the first run across the mighty Namib desert and a run across East Africa. Race wise, I’ve placed first in the North Pole Marathon, the Antarctic Ice Marathon, the Gobi Challenge, the Indo Jungle Ultra, and races closer to home, whilst also competing for Scotland in various events. Work wise I have worked at the Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup and with various national and international squads. I currently work for the European and Challenge Tour Golf, the SportScotland Institute of Sport, and the Scottish Rugby Union from the elite sport side of things, but am passionate about increasing physical activity for health. To this end, I worked for the Scottish Government as their first “physical activity champion”, and enjoy my research with the University of Edinburgh in this area. Getting active, and staying active really is the best thing you can do for your health. Each step is a step to health. I needed a good kick up the backside from a mate to get active again after university, and urge everyone to GET ACTIVE today, and spread the word. My books “Running Beyond Limits” and “Running Your Best – Some Science Medicine” are available via Amazon and the usual book stores. For talks or inquiries, please get in touch !

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The Ultimate Running Adventures with Dr. Andrew Murray

06 December 2016 - posted by Dr. Andrew Murray

We have recently had the priviledge of seeing Doc Andrew Murray at the College of Podiatry Conference in Glasgow, Scotland November 17-19 as he was one of the main keynote speakers.

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