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Clinical Director Lisa Whiteman has spent the past two decades dedicated to Podiatry and has held many roles and positions both within the profession and other industries. In addition to her clinical roles, Lisa is Technical Training Consultant to Shoe Clinic, managing technical training and assessment with staff throughout their eighteen stores nationally. She is also contracted by New Zealand Post, on a consultative/technical level regarding footwear and injury management for postal workers throughout New Zealand. Lisa has lectured extensively for many years, in lower limb biomechanics, throughout Australasia as a consultant. She is frequently involved in literature review analysis, for both corporate and podiatry-based organisations, develops teaching programmes and undertakes technical reviews on various podiatry based topics, including podopaediatrics, orthotic management, gait analysis and technical footwear.
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Haemophilia and its effects on Feet

05 November 2016 - posted by Lisa Whiteman


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How Feet are Affected by Diabetes

29 October 2016 - posted by Lisa Whiteman

Diabetes is a silent killer that kills one person every 10 seconds. There are 250 million people globally living with diabetes. Every year worldwide another 7 million develop diabetes. The Ministry of Health estimates the number of people with diabetes in New Zealand to be around 160,000 and growing rapidly. The United States has over 29 million people living with Diabetes. This blog will address some of the concerns that you may have about how your feet are affected by diabetes.

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Falls prevention and sloppy slippers

01 August 2014 - posted by Lisa Whiteman

If you are over 65 years old, you have a one in three chance of falling this year. For people aged 80 and over, the risk increases to one in two (ACC, 2012). Read on to find out more about falls, how to prevent falls and what Resonance Podiatry© is doing to help.

By Anita Kay and Lisa Whiteman, Resonance Podiatry©, Podiatry and Gait labs, New Zealand

Falling over happens to the best of us and might just seem like an embarrassing inconvenience! However, injuries directly resulting from a fall are the leading cause of hospitalisation, and one of the top three causes of injury-related death, in New Zealand (ACC, 2012). Also the fear of having a fall can be debilitating and lead to severe restrictions in activity and social interaction.

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