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The benefits of Formthotics in cycling and running

30 September 2014 - posted by Rebecca Gifford


Formthotics are my secret weapon; they could be yours too. As a podiatrist and athlete I have experienced first-hand the benefits Formthotics can play in injury prevention, rehabilitation and general performance during sporting activity.

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Minimalist running shoes – what one should you choose?

06 June 2013 - posted by Rebecca Gifford

Right now there is a lot of interest in minimalist shoes and also barefoot running shoes. Most of the shoe companies now have a light, low support shoe aimed helping you to achieve a running technique that is more like running barefoot. The theory being that this is a more natural running style and should mean you are able to run faster with fewer injuries. So are these shoes and this theory right for you? And which shoe should you choose?

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Chris Ross – New Zealand C5 Paracyclist

22 February 2012 - posted by Rebecca Gifford


Aspiring Athlete Chris Ross is a New Zealand Para-cycling Representative. Chris is a below elbow amputee who races in the C5 category, which includes people with upper body disabilities. Chris is still an amateur and is holding his own against numerous pro riders and world champs.

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Orthotics for children – are they a good Idea?

25 January 2011 - posted by Rebecca Gifford

The use of orthotics for children is a highly controversial subject that is rarely agreed upon by medical practitioners. The general consensus in New Zealand is that orthotics should only be used for children when symptoms related to foot and leg function are evident  i.e. Osgood Schlatters (anterior knee pain).


This is because children are still growing and developing and they may simply outgrow any concerns. However, often there are symptoms other than pain. Parents bring their children in to our clinic as they are concerned about their child excessively tripping or walking funny, these issues often resolve as the child ages however intervention from a podiatrist can help them successfully progress to this stage.

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