Bethlehem Child Helped with Formthotics Orthotics / Insoles

18 October 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ
 Christen lives in Beit Jala, a small town in Palestine close to Bethlehem, and 10 km south of Jerusalem. She is 7 years old, and has a condition that has meant that for most of her life she has had to wear orthopaedic-style black shoes and boots….definitely not the footwear young girls like to wear!!
Recently Christen’s parents took her to Synergy Physiotherapy where Amal Mattar, the physio in Palestine. Amal decided to see if orthotics could better aid Christen’s walking and allow her a bigger choice of shoes, and after a number of tests she decided small ¾ Dual Medium Formthotics would work best. Christen has quite wide feet so the youth products were too narrow, and the ¾ Dual Medium was the next best choice. Christen was told that she’d now be able to get some “nice girly shoes”. These were subsequently purchased and Amal fitted the Formthotics orthotics to the new shoes.
Christen had a return visit to Amal’s clinic in Bethlehem. She walked into the clinic, ran to Amal and hugged her, excited to show off her new shoes. Amal said that Christen’s feet look much better already, and in Christen’s words, “I love them, they are so much more comfortable, I can wear nice shoes like the other girls and not just long black shoes, and I can run faster”.  Christen’s parents are just as delighted. Below are some photos from the visit to Amal’s clinic. Another great Formthotics success story!!
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