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21 January 2017 - posted by Caroline McWilliams
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On the very first day of my career as a podiatrist, a female patient stated that she was truly only comfortable when her feet were comfortable. Years of experience and tens of thousands of patients later, I would have to agree with the lady’s statement.

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Caroline McWilliams, Podiatrist in Resonance Podiatry in Wellington, NZ   

As a podiatrist one of our most basic and primary aims is ensure our patients’ comfort. By enabling them to stay on their feet we promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Feet are one of the most neglected parts of the human body. Many people do not like they way they look, feel, or even smell, but it is extremely important to keep your feet in good working order. Our feet are uniquely designed to carry our entire body weight from A to B, they absorb shock and dynamically change position throughout the gait cycle to protect our bodies from stress and strain. Unfortunately, when it comes to feet, many people still live by the philosophy of out of sight out of mind. More often than not, feet are crammed into ill fitting footwear and callus and cracks are ignored or treated by patients themselves, with some very questionable and dangerous DIY home ‘podiatry’.  This neglect can lead to painful and even debilitating foot problems.


Highly qualified and experienced podiatrists deal with a variety of foot problems on a daily basis. Our patient base includes people of all ages, and genders. Below are just a few of the foot problems we treat:

For many foot conditions and pains, there is are easy and effective podiatry treatments available. It is astonishing how different feet look and feel with regular care and attention. Podiatrists treat and educate patients on how to keep their feet healthy at home, encourage good footwear choices, and have a great range of foot care products available in clinic.

As well as offering comfort podiatry care to neglected, tired feet, podiatrists also play a key role in the overall multidisciplinary team of some serious systemic conditions, such as diabetes. These conditions can place the foot ‘at risk’ of developing foot problems.

Caroline McWilliams is a podiatrist at our City Podiatry clinic.


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