Do Orthotics Help with Heel Pain?

06 April 2017 - posted by Raewyn Phipps

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The foot is a very complex structure which is exposed to significant forces during day to day activities. Foot pain is a common problem and when present is known to adversely affect every day activities.  Whether caused by a specific incident or developed over time left untreated, foot pain can really slow you down.

Heel pain

Plantar fasciopathy or 'Plantar fasciitis' is by far the most common cause of adult heel pain and is in fact one of the most common ailments seen by podiatrists. It usually shows up as pain on the bottom and or inside part of the heel – theplantar_faciitis.png pain is often worse when standing after sleeping or sitting.  The cause of plantar fasciopathy is often a combination of issues from inadequate footwear to poor biomechanics.

Children are not immune to heel pain either. There are a number of causes of heel pain in the young population with the most common being calcaneal apophysitis commonly known as Severs. Symptoms may include; one or both heels hurting during exercise or after exercise.  There is increased pain with squeezing the heel. There may be limping or stiffness in the mornings. Sever’s most commonly affects boys aged 12 to 14 years and girls aged 10 to 12 years, which corresponds with the early growth spurts of puberty. Children of younger age may also present to the clinic with Sever’s type pain.
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Heel pain is only one aspect that requires the expertise of a podiatrist. A Podiatrist can help establish the diagnosis and cause of any foot pain, and will develop a treatment plan to reduce the effect of your foot ailment. They have a range of treatment modalities at hand including; palliative foot care, minor surgery, functional taping, orthoses, exercise programmes and foot manipulation therapy to address your specific foot problems.

Formthotics orthotics are a helpful way to align your feet correctly. With the treatment of proper exercise and therapy from a podiatrist and the perscription of Formthotics to fit your foot and shoe properly - foot pain can be remedied and perhaps avoided. 

Socrates once said “To those who feet hurt, everything hurts”.  Don’t let your foot pain slow you down.  Contact a podiatrist today to get help.


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