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22 August 2017 - posted by Gerard Greene
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One of our United Kingdom Physio Therapists, Gerard Greene  has been offering training to Physio therapists throughout Europe in our Formthotics brand for foot orthotics. Gerard began to fit Formthotics to his own patients within his clinic this year because he found they make such a great difference for people in their shoes. We had the priviledge to ask Gerard a few questions about the benefits he is finding fitting his patients with Formthotics. 

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1.) Tell us about your Physio Clinic, your location in the world, and what unique market you serve?

Based in Birmingham UK, we are a little unique or unusual in that we have a multi-specialist clinic where we see lot of sports people especially runners, cyclists and tri-athletes and lots of the active elderly who play racquet ball, golf, tennis or enjoy walking. We also see lots of patients with low back pain, hip, knee and ankle problems. What probably sets us apart a little from most clinics is that approx. 60 % of our work is pregnancy, post natal and women’s & men’s health related. We have 3 specialist physios who see these patients and we also see a lot of male pelvic health patients. Although based in Birmingham , patients travel from all over the UK to see our pelvic health & other specialist physios. We also deliver and teach post graduate pelvic health and other physiotherapy courses in the UK and internationally. Course details via


 2.) How did you determine that Formthotics would be a good medical product to offer to your patients?

I have invested a lot in building the Physio clinic up and I would only use a product in it that would enhance its high quality reputation and Formthotics is that product. We have been involved in delivering training with Mr John O Reagan (Physio & Podiatry specialist ) for several years so have an intimate knowledge of the Formthotics products and values. Using them in the clinic also we have found them to be high quality yet good value for money and unlike many orthotics they are comfortable in different types of footwear. Great to have a top tutor in John deliver the service also.


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3.) How have your Physios and Patients been responding to this orthotic?

We lost our brilliant podiatrist several years ago due to relocating their clinic. Since then, we have struggled to source an alternate orthotic provision locally. We have often ring colleagues to see if they can see a patient for us but hear nothing back as they are just too busy. We had a clinical need that wasn’t being fulfilled for our patients and clients so we had to set this service up. Now we get other physios, chiros and sports therapists sending us their patients for Formthotics as they know they will be seen quickly and we will send them back to them for all their other clinical needs. We are a clinic that gets a lot of patients referred to us for pelvic health conditions so we have a strong working relationship with lots of other clinics and we firmly believe we are all stronger together.

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 4.) In what ways have your patients found Formthotics to be helpful for their feet and wellbeing?

The key difference with Formthotics is they are comfortable to wear in a range of footwear from work footwear to trainers to ski boots to cycling shoes. We have even fitted a bespoke pair to a speed skater. They are also low cost so the patient doesn’t need to spend large sums of money on the devices. The group that has most surprised us is the active elderly where it has helped keep them active with sports and leisure activities.

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 5.) How do you promote Formthotics in your office practice (i.e. display stand, posters, brochures, recommendation from physio)?

We use a lot of social media and can be found on Twitter (@gerardgreenephy), Facebook ( harborne physio ), Instagram (harbornept) and on the web .  We also blog a lot on the website and have an up to date news feature that our patients love. Based in Birmingham’s busiest and most innovative Yoga studio, we are part of a strong community that supports us and helps the clinic grow. We also have a strong team of people who do a lot of marketing for us on Google , Facebook and local social media groups and platforms , these are all our happy patients and clients who feel part of the clinic. All of this will help us to continue to build our formthotics clinic.


6.) Has Formthotics been a good option to sell in your office for your patients?

Formthotics sits well with our ethos of getting patients active , keeping them active and encouraging them to be a big part of their rehab. Our patients trust us to help them.  Getting their orthotics with us is a better option than having to go to someone new which may also take a lot of time. Patients are also surprised how economical it is.  They are also impressed that by using Formthotics, they will need less Physio sessions.  Keeping people moving is our goal and Formthotics helps with this.


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7.) Do you have any advice to other Physical Therapy offices who may be considering offering Formthotics?

Feel free to get in touch with us via the website and we are happy to help in any way as we are keen that as many patients as possible benefit. Do the training which is normally free or a minimal charge as you’ll be surprised how different they are to other products and how great they are. Be prepared but have the resources in place to get busy very quickly though! Contact Foot Science International with an enquiry for your office.

 8.) Any other suggestions or findings that you've found?

 We are constantly brainstorming in the clinic and asking our physios, patients, referring physios how can we improve what we are doing. Our Formthotics clinic has come from those chats and discussions. The patients we are seeing a real role for Formthotics in addition to the sports and lower limb presentations are those with complex pelvic pain, post natal conditions and the active elderly. Think creatively as to how your patients could benefit and think Formthotics.


Gerard Greene runs a busy specialist physiotherapy clinic in Birmingham UK. In addition he teaches and delivers specialist Pelvic health and other courses in UK and internationally. Recently he presented at WCPT 2017 in Cape Town. He is a keen advocate for Physiotherapists to engage in Social Media to promote the profession and has built several physio related Social Media platforms. He is also a Physiotherapy lecturer at Coventry University UK. He is always keen to connect on twitter @gerardgreenephy and other Social Media platforms. and


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