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19 November 2016 - posted by Formthotics HQ
New Zealand ski-cross skier (aka Team Formthotics terrain master), Jamie Prebble, has his eye (and feet) on the prize – and he's giving it everything to qualify and compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Leaving no stone unturned in his quest to break history for New Zealand and achieve his dream of winning an Olympic medal, Jamie admits that when he thinks of Formthotics, he thinks of a 'competitive edge.' Here's why:
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Formthotics approved | the importance of orthotics for skiing: 
  • Relaxed feet encourage greater control:
    My need for Formthotics arrived when I was informed of the importance of orthotics in my ski boots. The difference was instantly notable – my feet felt relaxed in my ski-boots! This support enables all the numerous muscles in my feet and ankles to respond and adapt to the ever-changing surface under my skis
Body alignment and injury prevention:
Injury prevention is an element the more I focus on, the more experienced I become. Muscle alignment can change so quickly and have a dramatic effect to your entire body performance. Ensuring your skeleton and muscles are firing/moving in the correct planes is so important – and with feet being the ‘foundation’ to everything above, correct foot alignment is a crucial aspect.
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  • Warm boots, no sore pressure points:
    A noticeable difference in wearing Formthotics is how much warmer my feet are. I always ‘battled’ through freezing feet with painful pressure points, however changing to use Formthotics dramatically improved this aspect – the insulation and cushioning also reduces any fatigue in my feet. 

  • Good boot setup                                                                                                                                                  Skiing is such a rewarding sport both physically and mentally. Having a good boot setup will change both your enjoyment and ease dramatically. Having your boots setup by professionals with Formthotics will vastly improve your connection to your skisThrough the medical professionals at High Performance Sport NZ,the physiotherapists ensure my alignment is correct, enabling me to perform against the best in the world.
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  • Keeping the dream alive
    During high school I was involved in any sport I could get my hands on, however skiing was the sport that drew me in unlike any other. Skiing has so many different elements that are all important in each way, either the adrenaline from the speed or the technical aspects, always searching for the end goal – to simply be the fastest. Formthotics provide more control, power and speed. Understand the Formthotics difference
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