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02 June 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

You may be considering supplying Formthotics orthotics in your medical practice, but have medical staff who are unfamiliar with the benefits of these orthotics and how they can actually help each patient's feet with comfort, balance, and alignment. A brief training on how to easily shape to a patient's foot and how to determine if additions are necessary to be fitted for the biomechanical alignment of your patient's feet could be a great solution to help your medical staff know how and when to prescribe Formthotics

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Class with Gerard Greene in United Kingdom

Our trainings provide an opportunity for medical practitioners to try Formthotics on their own feet and understand how to best fit our line of orthotics with other individuals in the class. "It helps you understand the product in use and its benefits for others. This works really well if you are not confident in prescribing Formthotics for your patients to gain that level of confidence with hands-on practical use." It is a great opportunity for continuing professional development for podiatrists, physiotherapists, general practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, occupational health therapists, and sports therapists. 


OSGO Formthotics Training in Edinburgh, Scotland

"We were just recently showcasing Formthotics at the Pain to Performance Conference in the United Kingdom. Again everyone loved the product and could see a role for it in there day to day practice, but what amazed them all was the idea of us providing training. It set Formthotics apart from other medical orthotics, " John O'Regan, Trainer for Formthotics in Europe. "It is not just physiotherapists who have large practices, there are many osteopaths and chiropractors as well."

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We sell Formthotics in 39 countries and find the best way for people to really understand their benefits is to take a couple of hours to work with these orthotics on their own feet and see just how much of a difference they really make in comfort and performance.  

The feedback that we are receiving from these events is quite positive. Here are a few examples of what you may receive from attending a training from actual feedback forms from trainings held in               New Zealand: Entering the FootZone:

                                                                                                                   John O'Regan, Formthotics Instructor in Europe


  • "The depth of the anatomy and information taught."
  • "Good combination of academic and practical."
  • "The practical sessions and using people as demonstrations. I enjoyed the mix of different medical professions involved in the training."
  • "Applicable to everyday problems encountered in practice."
  • "The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and an excellent conveyor of his knowledge."
  • "Very in depth and good practical time/exercises."
  • "Practicing fitting Formthotics on each other was very helpful."
  • "The volume of practical knowledge demonstrated in a practical and easy way."

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If you would like to supply Formthotics to your patients, we have trainings all over the world to help you know how to fit them - Check our events page on Please find more information out where you can get a supply of Formthotics from our distributor network. 

Also, to get up to date information on how to schedule a training for your office in Europe, contact or / @gerardgreenephy and / private podiatry offices can get a Beyond the FootZone training through OSGO who have trainings throughout Europe year round.

If you are interested in our many trainings we are providing in New Zealand, or would like to schedule a specific training for your office, please contact

Medical Formthotics Trainings available in Japan, Russia, Denmark, and Italy in these native languages.

Online resources are available at the Formthotics Academy.

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