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14 September 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

 "The golf swing always starts from the ground up." - Jack Nicklaus- Retired PGA Golfer.  Golfing with excellent foot support to improve balance, stance, and stability is a critical component. Adding Formthotics™ Sport Golf customisable orthotics into your golf shoes can really help improve this stability and support. You can play golf in comfortable shoes for longer with less fatigue; move more efficiently with better responsiveness; and gain improved stability. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy greater performance while playing golf.

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Formthotics insoles provide the ultimate support and comfort insole made exactly for golf and golf footwear. When you have the ability to work from the ground up to add more structure by adding these orthotics to your golf shoes, you will gain more stability in your golf stance. This stability will help you with your swing by taking the energy that you can get from turning and transferring that energy away from the ground to hit your best shot. The connection of the stance and the swing in golf is the key to a strong game. Why not add a "secret weapon insole" into your golf shoes to make that happen?

It fits your unique foot like no other. Formthotics are thermoformable – made from Formax™ foam, they mould to the shape of your foot and footwear, refining the connection between you and the ground. The sole of your foot has greater support, minimising pressure points so that you are comfortable for longer. Formthotics are always there for you, but you’ll barely notice them. Formthotics have dynamic support – they are fully flexible and move with you. They’re also lightweight at just 19 grams*. Golf-Exploded-foot.png


*Average weight of Golf Dual, size M


If you’re comfortable, maintain a correct stance, and feel good, then you’ll play better and enjoy your game more. It’s that simple.

• Stay comfortable for all 18 holes
• Improve balance and increase your performance
• Reduce muscle and foot fatigue
• Support your feet naturally


"In just my second round using Formthotics, I won a club medal with ‘the best gross score’ – at 62! Within a short time, I won County Seniors Championship then ‘Four Counties’ Senior Championship. Recently, I finished in a top-ten place in my National Seniors Inter-Counties Championship. Thank you Formthotics; without your ‘support’ I would have retired from golf."

-George Smith, Shropshire, England


See what Formthotics Golf can do for your game!


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