How do Formthotics make a difference for your feet?

08 December 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

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Our feet are pretty important even though we may take for granted how much they do for us every day. For example, did you know, a person has over 25% of the bones in their body right down in his or her feet? Being in the business of feet, we have researched the best options in an orthotic that will compliment shoes and bring comfort, balance, stability, and increased performance and endurance to people's feet. So how do Formthotics foot orthotics, stand apart from other brands? The differences between all of these foot othotics is amazing - and a bit overwhelming if you are just beginning to look into what is right for your feet. 



Formthotics™ are made out of a unique material, Formax™ that is patented exclusively for Foot Science International. It is precisely this material that gives the unique attributes to Formthotics. It can easily be summed up in lightness and supportive. This material is also custom shaped to an individuals feet by heat moulding. The Formax foam thermoforms at relatively low temperatures and retains it's custom moulded shape. This unique foam creates a close fit between your foot and footwear, maximising orthotic performance. This lightweight, completely flexible foam moves with a person. These orthotics are 3D milled from Formax™ foam, ensuring they provide a consistent spread of support across the skeletal system of the foot. 


Formthotics adapts to the foot, giving the best comfort and balance that feels more natural than harder custom orthotics. This comfort provides the best support during neuromuscular activities. Formthotics orthotics have been used by a lot of different foot types including those who have a high arch, natural arch, flat arch, feet that pronate (roll in), feet that supinate (roll out), and those whose knees have a tendency to roll in. A medical specialist can determine the best option to perscribe to the exact needs of your feet.

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       Formthotics before fitting            Formthotics after fitting                  Formthotics after 2 weeks wear

Formthotics has many different types of insoles to fit individual's modes of activities including: Running, SkiingField Sports, Hiking & Walking, Golf, Cycling, Casual wear, Business & Dress wear, Work & Safety, and orthotics for Youth. Additionally, Formthotics has a custom medical orthotic that many Medical Professionals are fitting for their patients' foot needs.

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Formthotics™ Custom Medical Orthotics

Formthotics are a tool trusted by medical professionals. Formthotics stabilise your feet and lower limbs, allowing other components of your treatment to be more effective, more rapidly. This helps to reduce foot and posture related pain, injury and muscle fatigue so you can recover more quickly.

  • Biomechanical control  Formthotics™ deliver on the mechanical theory by applying pressure to the sole of the foot, altering the posture and movement of the subtalar and other joints. This changes the posture and mechanical function of higher structures in the body.

  • Neuromotor facilitation  Scientific literature indicates that orthotics have significant effects on balance, stability and the EMG activity of various muscles. It is also stated that orthotics that fit closely to the shape of the foot – alter the stimulation of various mechanoreceptor end organs change the efferent input to the nervous system, as well as the efferent neural signals going to the various muscles. Formthotics™can offer reflex benefits and longer term positive effects on foot posture, balance and motor patterns.


These insoles are treated with Ultra-fresh™ , which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi that create foot odor and staining, keeping your feet healthy. Additionally,  Formthotics are not covered with fabric which can tend to be a nest for fungi and bacteria. They are also easily washable with soap and water.


Comfort & Balance

Formthotics form a close contact surface between the sole of your unique foot and shoe so you have a greater contact surface area to the ground. Your foot will have a greater sense of where it is so you'll know more about every move. This allows a person to enjoy less pressure points in their feet shifting the weight of the body away from the ball of the foot and the heel - two small areas that tend to carry the most weight of the body.  

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Science and Research

Foot Science International has spent a great deal of time and investment working with podiatrists, physical therapists, and medical universities throughout the world to study the research behind the needs of the foot and the best ways we can treat foot pains and support points through the use of orthotics. The company has over 38 years of research that continues to prove the effectiveness of this insole in people's lives.  &


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