New Zealand – Cycle Ride of a Lifetime!

06 August 2016 - posted by Wiremu Wineera

Wiremu Wineera, a seasoned cyclist who has competed in triathlon and ironman races completed a ride of a lifetime earlier this year. He was a part of the USO Bike Ride #USOBluff2Cape from the southern point of New Zealand – Bluff, to the Northern point of New Zealand - Cape Reinga.


Over 2,400 kilometres, the team of 18-30 cyclists Wiremu did 16 days of riding averaging 150 km a day making their way through Aotearoa by bike.


The NZ ride focused on Cancer awareness targeting Polynesian communities with health and wellbeing benefits through cycling.  Being a part of this experience, the team cycled from town to town averaging 150km per day and along the way attended Fono/Hui events connecting with the community. Meeting and connecting with people really made the trip special. 


Wiremu recently lost his mother to cancer and this ride became something he dedicated to her, by being able to share his experiences with others both on the bike and off. 


The ride itself was tough. It started with an emotional Haka at the Bluff lookout.  The first few days of cycling, Wiremu’s body felt good, the build-up and months of training had definitely paid off.  The adrenalin and excitement of the journey was kicking in.


Day 5 - (Christchurch to Kaikoura leg) Wiremu settled into the routines and managed the effort and output of riding a tour like no other.


Day 6 – Wiremu was back on North Island soil and home in Wellington.  This leg of the journey, gave him the opportunity to see his own family.


The South Island part of the ride had ended, and the team was now on familiar ground. Wiremu cycled through the Manawatu Gorge with 28 other riders and travelled onto the Napier/Taupo highway. This was one of the hardest legs of the trip with heat, hills, and fatigue all pushing his leg quite a bit. Over the next few days, the distances became more manageable. During the Auckland leg, the group met and rode with a small knit community of kids from Mangere, again this was another special moment through the trip. Reaching Auckland, NZ felt like a great milestone was achieved, one could feel the call of Cape Reinga! The next few days of riding were going to be hard with more hills, traffic, different weather conditions, and knowing that the last kilometres were coming to an end.


Heading north and continuing to share stories, they finally made it to Cape Reinga. What an emotional end, as they started with a Haka, they finished with a Haka. Many smiles, photos, hugs and tears were shared at the Cape. What a major accomplishment! 


Riding 2400kms from one end of NZ to the other is a great achievement by USO Whanau and many memories the team of cyclists will never forget.


So what’s next for Wiremu Wineera?

“As I reflect and reset my goals for 2016, the plan is to build on the fitness I entered and completed some cycle races (Gentle Annie and Taupo 100k flyer) and also get back into Triathlon racing.  Looking ahead, IronMan NZ 2017 is back on the radar again, getting back into running, swimming and cycling trying to maintain my fitness and focus over winter ready for a big summer ahead.”

To find out more about the USO bike ride please visit the website . Wiremu wears Formthotics™ in his athletic shoes. He finds the Cycling Formthotics are excellent for keeping energy in his legs and strong positioning of his feet over his pedals. We are delighted to hear about and share this great event in Wiremu’s life from the NZ Medical Podiatry clinics, Resonance Podiatry in Wellington, NZ.


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