RedBull TransSiberian Extreme - Most Difficult Bike Race in the World

08 August 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

One of our Team Formthotics Ambassadors, Peter Sandholt, is racing in the 2017 Redbull Trans Siberian Extreme Cycling Race that goes 9,278 km across the nation of Russia.  The race began 18th July 2017 and will run 24 days to 10th August.  It covers a huge scope of Russia -  Moscow to Vladivostock.

This is by far the toughest, longest, ultra-cycling stage race in the world. The cyclists will cover 5 climate zones, 8 time zones, 14 stages, 9287 km, all in 24 days.  The cycling across Russia race is very prestigious - being the world's longest and most difficult. You have to be invited to race in this one.  Peter began with 7 other men cyclists and 2 women cyclists in the race.  The TransSiberian Extreme is 2X longer than the Race Across America & 3X longer than the Tour de France.

 Watch the first week of the race here:TransSiberian10racers2017.jpg

Peter Sandholt is a High School teacher from DenmarkPeter has found tremendous help with Formthotics in his cycling shoes as they have worked to prevent a common difficulty with long distance cycling - "hotfeet", have helped position Peter's feet better over his pedals to provide more power, have prevented injury and helped prevail foot strength. 



 Pictures credits to *RedBull TransSiberian Extreme photographers

The cyclists plan to complete this stretch in 23 days what takes a plane to fly in 8 hours and nearly 7 days for a vehicle to drive. This is the longest paved road across a continent - yet a lot of contruction and gravel parts for the cycles to cross this one. The riders also experience lots of scenic and historical marks along the way including: the largest fresh water lake in the world - Baikal Lake that is over 600 kilometers long with varying width, up to 1,642 meters deep; Chita, Russia  - where the former oil oligarch,  Mikhail Chordorkovsky has been forced to remain in a prison ban for 10 years; The Palace of Marriage in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan; Alexander III's monument- Tzar wo gave the orders to build the TransSiberian Railroad , and the stairs at Kremlin to name a few. 



The RedBull Trans Siberian Extreme Race on the map! (Google Maps)


The beauty of Russia has been extreme in itself. 

Check out this RedBull video about the gorgeous scenery


*Photo credit to RedBull TransSiberian Extreme race post


The Palace of Marriage in Kazan, Tartazan - *photo credits RedBull Facebook post

"If it was not for winning in a competition this tour would be one of the most beautiful travel arrangements: the real Russia with your own eyes, with all your senses." - RedBull Trans Siberian Facebook post "But the clock ticks, of course. If you want to win here, you should focus exclusively on your bike, your strength and your competitors."


Rain or shine - the race must go on! - *photo credits to RedBull TransSiberian Extreme post









The Race Schedule from 18th July to 10th August

Stage 1 - 417 km - Moscow to Nizhni-Novgorod - 10 racers 

Stage 2 - 388 km - Nizhniy Novgorod to Kazan (site of the Kremlin stairs on Volga river)

Stage 3 -  693 km - Kazan to Perm 

Stage 4 - 359 Km - Perm to Ekaterinburg, crossing the Ural and the border between Europe and Asia 

Stage 5 - 313 km - Ekaterinenburg to Tyumen - this is the larger part of the Russian Federation into the Asian continent down the foothills of the Ural mountains. The city of Tyumen, founded in 1586, has become the first Russian settlement in Siberia. 9 racers (1st woman from USA to leave because of dangerous roads and trucks that would honk at cyclists).

Stage 6 - 614 km - Tyumen to Omsk - 8 racers - 1. Alexey Shchebelin 18 h 42 min 37 sec 2. Peter Sandholt 18 h 42 min 37 sec 3. Pierre Bischoff 18 h 42 min 38 sec 4. Marcelo Florentino Soares 18 h 44 min 32 sec 5. Michael Knudsen and Aske Søby 18 h 49 min 45 sec 7. Egor Kovalchuk 18 h 50 min 26 sec 8. Adrian O'Sullivan 19 h 23 min 11 sec

Stage 7 - 611 km - Omsk to the 'secret capital' of Siberia, Novosibirsk - 6 racers left

Stage 8 -  805 km - Novosibirsk to Krasnoyarsk: 1. Alexey Shchebelin 27 h 19 min 53 sec 2. Pierre Bischoff 27 h 29 min 13sec 3. Marcelo Florentino Soares 28 h 9 min 40 sec 4. Peter Sandholt 28 h 9 min 40 sec - Aske Søby and Michael Knudsen did not finish 

Stage 9 - 1,046 km -Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk -  The heroes still in the race are Pierre Bischoff, Alexey Shchebelin, Marcelo Florentino Soares and Peter Sandholt, Team Formthotics Danish Ambassador  (Brazil, Russia, Denmark, and Germany represented); 4 racers left

Stage 10 446 km - Irkutsk to Ulan-Ude.  (Irkutsk is where the monument of Alexander III and racers go along Lake Baikal for 200 km)

Stage 11 - 660 km - from Buryatia's capital Ulan-Ude to Zabaikal's capital Chita - Here, the former Oil Oligarch, Mikhail Chordorkovsky, has been forced to remain in a prison ban for 10 years. Penalty camps have been established in the 19th century in this area.

Stage 12 - 1368 km - Chita to Sobodny - Difficult roads - the most extreme stage of this race - 2 full days on the cycle! 1st place finished in 52 hours/ 29 minutes - 4 racers

Stage 13 - 700 km - Sobodny to Khabarovsk 

Stage 14 - 756 km - Khabarovsk to Vladivostock

We are down to the final 3 days of the 2017 RedBull TransSiberian Race. We are so proud of this accomplishment for these cyclists. Watch @formthotics on Facebook for the latest results. All the best to the final racers!!


Peter - early on in the race - this shows the real amount of gravel roads and construction the racers endured!!; Three of the 17 vans (at times 80 staff) that followed the racers helping them maintain their bikes, keep clothes laundered, and have Physio Therapists  to help along the way. *photo credits RedBull TransSiberian Facebook post

Ways to Avoid Foot & Ankle Injuries 

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