The Ease of Using Formthotics™ in clinical practice

05 November 2016 - posted by Robert A. Donatelli



Formthotics™ provide the clinician a customisable tool to fit the patient’s foot and shoe, assisting treatment of lower extremity problems. These are versatile foot orthoses that give the ultimate support and comfort for your patient.

Presented by:  Dr Robert Donatelli - Highly acclaimed and respected physical therapist, and a specialist in sports performance and rehabilitation,

Dr Donatelli is the founder of ModernAthleticScience.comand is with Physiotherapy Associates based in Las Vegas, USA. He is also a researcher, consultant, author, and speaker who lectures worldwide.

Patient_Evaluation.pngPatient evaluation using the Formthotics™ Medical System – 6 Tests

Evaluating your patient using the FormthoticsMedical System of 6 Tests. Click to view



 Fitting Formthotics™

How to best fit Formthotics. Click to view >


Thermoforming Formthotics™

How to heat mould (thermoform) Formthotics to get the best results for your patient using the Formthotics™ Heating Machine.Click to view >



Medical conditions where Formthotics™ can help

Common medical conditions where the use of Formthotics can greatly assist the therapy. Click to view >


Selecting the appropriate Formthotics™

How to choose the best Formthotics™ for your patient.

Click to view >


Click Here to Download the Medical System 6 Tests Video

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