Mike Phillips - Fastest Debut in the World in Ironman Triathlon!

25 October 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

Triathlete Mike Phillips, our Team Formthotics Ambassador from Christchurch, New Zealand just made history the beginning of October 2017. Mike competed in his first Full Ironman Race in Barcelona, Spain finishing 2nd overall among a huge field of seasoned triathletes. His time of 7 hr, 52 min, 50 sec was the fastest debut world Ironman racer's time in history and his time is the 2nd fastest Kiwi ironman in NZ!  This was also one of the busiest races this fall with over 100 pro triathletes registered! The top finishing times are recorded to earn points toward an invitation to the 2018 World Champion Triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, so a lot of athletes enter this IM creating a huge field of swimmers, cyclists, and runners to contend with. 

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RedBull TransSiberian Extreme - Most Difficult Bike Race in the World

08 August 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

One of our Team Formthotics Ambassadors, Peter Sandholt, is racing in the 2017 Redbull Trans Siberian Extreme Cycling Race that goes 9,278 km across the nation of Russia.  The race began 18th July 2017 and will run 24 days to 10th August.  It covers a huge scope of Russia -  Moscow to Vladivostock.

This is by far the toughest, longest, ultra-cycling stage race in the world. The cyclists will cover 5 climate zones, 8 time zones, 14 stages, 9287 km, all in 24 days.  The cycling across Russia race is very prestigious - being the world's longest and most difficult. You have to be invited to race in this one.  Peter began with 7 other men cyclists and 2 women cyclists in the race.  The TransSiberian Extreme is 2X longer than the Race Across America & 3X longer than the Tour de France.

 Watch the first week of the race here:

Peter Sandholt is a High School teacher from DenmarkPeter has found tremendous help with Formthotics in his cycling shoes as they have worked to prevent a common difficulty with long distance cycling - "hotfeet", have helped position Peter's feet better over his pedals to provide more power, have prevented injury and helped prevail foot strength. 

 Pictures credits to *RedBull TransSiberian Extreme photographers

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Olympic Cycling athlete finds the right orthotic

24 March 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ

Hayden Roulston, 2-time Olympian from New Zealand and a Professional Cyclist and Coach has found strong benefits from Formthotics in his cycling shoes. He mentions he like Formthotics foot orthotics because they are heat mouldable and can be adjusted easily. These orthotics have helped Hayden to be comfortable with that contact point that is always in the pedal. "Your feet are critical in cycling and you want to keep your feet healthy and without troubles."

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Triathlete Mike Phillips comes in 2nd at his first ironman race

24 February 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ
Mike Phillips, New Zealand triathlete and a member of team Formthotics, took part in his first ironman distance race in Challenge Wanaka (New Zealand) last weekend (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42km run). He did amazing, coming in at 2nd place! Below he shares a snapshot of the day. 
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Great Tips to Consider when Entering a Triathlon

16 February 2017 - posted by Formthotics HQ
  Mike Phillips  is a well-established New Zealand triathlete and proudly part of Team Formthotics .   We were fortunate to nab some insight into how a triathlete is created  and   maintained – with Mike reminding us that anyone can give the energising and rewarding sport a go. 
Mike participated in just about every sport in high school but was keen to focus on a single one. However, it was too difficult choosing just one and instead he opted for triathlon – happily combining 3 sports! He competed in swimming a lot when he was younger and did cycling in high school, but was a late starter to running. So when personally considering if training and competing in triathlons could be for you, find out these great tips to giving it a go from Mike. 
  1.) Could a professional help guide you?
If you are just getting into triathlon it is a good idea to get a proper bike fit and have your swim/run technique observed. It is very beneficial to adjust technique early. A lot of athletes jump straight in and train very hard but build bad habits, or have an incorrect fit. This can result in many weeks on the sideline injured.
My podiatrist recommended and fitted my FormthoticsI have naturally very poor knee alignment. I was put in the plastic moulded orthotics but found I had a lot of injuries, and they were too stiff to allow the foot muscles too work. Formthotics were the perfect solution and I have been using them for the last 10 years. I received great advice too, such as running on soft surfaces and varying terrain to help strengthen the stabilising muscles – combining this with the support of Formthotics, my knee/foot alignment issues have disappeared.
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Michaela Herlbauer's - Successful Ironman Triathlon Hawaii Debut

26 October 2016 - posted by Michaela Herlbauer


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The European Transcontinental Race - A Rewarding Challenge!

22 October 2016 - posted by Peter Sandholt

Peter Sandholt is a part of Team Formthotics in Denmark. He has done several challenging long distance cycling races around the world - all with the support of Formthotics in his cycle shoes. Benefits Peter gets through Formthotics are more power in his pedals and a lack of 'hotfoot' on those long distances.

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Mountain Biking Adventures in the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps

21 October 2016 - posted by Rose Green

Jackson and Rose Green, our tandem mountain biking couple from Team Formthotics had an opportunity to venture to Europe from their homeland of New Zealand and experience the alps of Switzerland, France and Italy for six weeks. Come enjoy this amazing trip with them...on their 'normal' mountain bikes. "Our Formthotics were fantastic and my previously injured ankle is going from strength to strength. We did a lot of bike carrying to get up to some spectacular places. This wouldn't have been possible for me without the using Formthorics (and the numerous hours my podiatrist has spent on my feet!). "  

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How to train for a triathlon - advice from New Zealand pro-triathlete, half-ironman and Formthotics Ambassador, Tineke Stewart

01 September 2016 - posted by Formthotics HQ
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New Zealand – Cycle Ride of a Lifetime!

06 August 2016 - posted by Wiremu Wineera

Wiremu Wineera, a seasoned cyclist who has competed in triathlon and ironman races completed a ride of a lifetime earlier this year. He was a part of the USO Bike Ride #USOBluff2Cape from the southern point of New Zealand – Bluff, to the Northern point of New Zealand - Cape Reinga.

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