Jamie Prebble - How he trains and competes as world class skier

17 December 2016 - posted by Formthotics HQ
New Zealand ski-cross athlete and dedicated  Formthotics wearer,  Jamie Prebble , admits: 'my   second home is with the snow and on the mountains'  – a nd true to form, he is working long and  hard to compete in   world-class sporting events. Currently  training for the 2018 Winter Olympics and World Cup freestyle skiing races, he shares insight into what is involved on all levels: 
mental, physical and emotional.
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The Ultimate Running Adventures with Dr. Andrew Murray

06 December 2016 - posted by Dr. Andrew Murray

We have recently had the priviledge of seeing Doc Andrew Murray at the College of Podiatry Conference in Glasgow, Scotland November 17-19 as he was one of the main keynote speakers.

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Formthotics, I wouldn't go skiing without them | Jamie Prebble

19 November 2016 - posted by Formthotics HQ
New Zealand ski-cross skier (aka Team Formthotics terrain master), Jamie Prebble, has his eye (and feet) on the prize – and he's giving it everything to qualify and compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Leaving no stone unturned in his quest to break history for New Zealand and achieve his dream of winning an Olympic medal, Jamie admits that when he thinks of Formthotics, he thinks of a 'competitive edge.' Here's why:
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Michaela Herlbauer's - Successful Ironman Triathlon Hawaii Debut

26 October 2016 - posted by Michaela Herlbauer


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The European Transcontinental Race - A Rewarding Challenge!

22 October 2016 - posted by Peter Sandholt

Peter Sandholt is a part of Team Formthotics in Denmark. He has done several challenging long distance cycling races around the world - all with the support of Formthotics in his cycle shoes. Benefits Peter gets through Formthotics are more power in his pedals and a lack of 'hotfoot' on those long distances.

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Mountain Biking Adventures in the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps

21 October 2016 - posted by Rose Green

Jackson and Rose Green, our tandem mountain biking couple from Team Formthotics had an opportunity to venture to Europe from their homeland of New Zealand and experience the alps of Switzerland, France and Italy for six weeks. Come enjoy this amazing trip with them...on their 'normal' mountain bikes. "Our Formthotics were fantastic and my previously injured ankle is going from strength to strength. We did a lot of bike carrying to get up to some spectacular places. This wouldn't have been possible for me without the using Formthorics (and the numerous hours my podiatrist has spent on my feet!). "  

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Formthotics supports the Red Bull 400 Planica Race

20 September 2016 - posted by Formthotics HQ

Despite the pouring rain and incredibly steep and pristine conditions, one thousand runners representing 24 countries turned up 17 September to race 400 meters straight up the Gorišek brothers ski flying hill in Planica, Slovenia. The 2016 Red Bull 400 Planica competition started in the rain and ended in the sun with victories going to Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic and Slovenia. This is definitely one of the most difficult 400 metre races in Europe!

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How to train for a triathlon - advice from New Zealand pro-triathlete, half-ironman and Formthotics Ambassador, Tineke Stewart

01 September 2016 - posted by Formthotics HQ
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New Zealand – Cycle Ride of a Lifetime!

06 August 2016 - posted by Wiremu Wineera

Wiremu Wineera, a seasoned cyclist who has competed in triathlon and ironman races completed a ride of a lifetime earlier this year. He was a part of the USO Bike Ride #USOBluff2Cape from the southern point of New Zealand – Bluff, to the Northern point of New Zealand - Cape Reinga.

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A Running Inspiration–Agnieszka Janasiak, Marathon Runner in Poland

28 July 2016 - posted by Formthotics HQ

This past year, we have had the privilege of following an amazing marathon runner and Physiotherapist who is an avid user of Formthotics in her shoes. Agnieszka Janasiak of Poland was born in 1981 and is a Physiotherapist, personal trainer, leads Pilates and Yoga classes, and gives courses on motor recreation. She has her Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy from the Medical University of Poznan.

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